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Neon Hot Pink - 18pcs Makeup Brush set [docolor]

Neon Hot Pink - 18pcs Makeup Brush set [docolor]

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Professional Makeup Brushes Set: 4 basic Kabuki makeup brushes (powder, foundation, contour and cone), 14 fine detail brushes, including eye shadow brush, fan brush and lip brush.

High-Quality: Value determines the price. The quality of our makeup is higher than 98% of the sellers on the makeup market.The bristles are made of high-quality synthetic bristles, which are suitable for all skin types and are non-irritating. The brush head is thick, firm and well shaped, suitable for beginners and makeup artists.

Vibrant Pink Brushes: The whole set of brushes is full of strong personality. The neon green bristles and fluorescent pink handles are extremely shiny and become the most dazzling presence on the dressing table.

100% Vegan and Cruelty-free: The makeup brush is designed and handmade by our industry experts, 100% vegan, and promises to be cruelty-free. The high quality is as you would expect, and it is very easy to clean.

Gift Box: The makeup brushes set comes with a neon gift box, which is a perfect value gift for yourself, your girlfriend and your family.

Product Information :

LOGO: silk screen gold
Material: fiber wool
Handle: wooden handle + aluminum tube
Packing method: manual + carton
Size: 18.8*12*3.3cm
Weight: 266g

Package Include:

1*powder brush
1*foundation brush
1*contour brush
1*tapered face brush
1*fan brush
1*nose contour brush
1*concealer brush
3*blending brush
3eyeshadow brush
1*detail brush
1*pencil brush
1*eyebrow brush
1*eyeliner brush
1*lip brush

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