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Set of 2 Black and White Rechargable Electronic Salt and Pepper Grinder [HUOHOU]

Set of 2 Black and White Rechargable Electronic Salt and Pepper Grinder [HUOHOU]

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Huohou Electric Grinder Salt Pepper Seasonings Spices Grain Mill 

Product Name: Rechargable Electric grinder
Product size: Φ 49x169mm
Net weight: 260g
Product material: plastic outer shell
Product color: Black/WHITE

* Made of Ceramic Bit and ABS plastic cover, rust proof and corrosion resistant, will not affect the flavor of the spices ground.
* 5 modes to adjust, simply adjust the coarseness of your spices from fine or coarse.
* Cordless rechargable design
* Can be used for salt, pepper, peppercorns and other spices.
* 6000 cycles, life span can reach 20+ years
* No fear of high temperature, 55℃ high temperature 48 hours without damage
* Please do not put the grinder in water or other liquids to avoid damage to the human body or the product.
* Please do not use this product around flammable and explosive gas.
Ceramic grinding core : More delicate power
5th gear adjustment : Adjustable thickness
One click start : Grind and use immediately
40g powder at a time : Griding for 30 minutes at full power
6000 cycles : The life span ca reach more than 20 years
High temperature resistance : No damage at 55C for 48 hrs
Rust resistance : No rust after 72 hr salt spray test
Strong fall resistance : No abnormality in 3 times of 1m height free fall


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